google ads accelerated delivery

Google have announced they will be removing accelerated delivery for daily spend.

The news broke recently as Google reported preference to using standard delivery. This change is due to come in on 17th September. But what exactly does this mean for business’ ad spend?

Well, to start to answer this question we need to explore the difference between the two bidding strategies…

The difference between standard and accelerated delivery

Accelerated delivery: Google works to spend your daily budget as quickly as possible.

Standard delivery: Google works to spend your budget evenly throughout the day. 

Many people ask, “What’s the point in accelerated delivery? Why would I want to do that?” – it’s a good question as the prospect of Google working to spend your budget quickly immediately conjures thoughts of budgets depleting. Budget depletion can and does often happen when using the accelerated delivery. However, if you are not spending the allocated daily budget, it could be the solution.

The standard delivery is based on Google’s prediction of search volumes, click costs and how this fits in with your budget. However, with Accelerated delivery, there is a stronger chance of spending the entire allocated budget.

Where do you find this option?

Assuming you are running a campaign with all features enabled and it’s not 17th September 2019 yet, you can find this in settings under the budget section. There is a dropdown menu called ‘delivery method’. 

How often do you use accelerated ad spend option?

Honestly, not a lot. Using the standard delivery method avoids budget depletion, provides a predictable flow of clicks throughout the day and can work to keep click costs down. With clients with large budgets it can be beneficial to show up more often and reach more people but for many business owners the option of saving money can be sweeter than having as much traffic as possible.

We will miss having the option, but it’s not one that has been used a lot from our side. Want to find out more about how this change will affect your results? We’re here to help, contact us today.