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Google Ads offer charities and non-profit organisations a $10,000 per month grant to spend on their advertising, no strings attached. No really, they do. We spoke to hundreds of charities and non-profit organisations who weren’t even aware of this grant, let alone utilising the grant to increase their donations.  

Alix Digital decided to shout about the free grant and spend an afternoon informing, guiding and helping charities set up their Google Ads account through a free event held at Stradey Park on 21st October. The outcome for us? We get to see more charities and non-profit organisations create more marketing campaigns for free and increase their donations. 

How You Can Benefit From Google Ads Grant

If you are a charity or non-profit organisation you are probably used to finding new ways to raise awareness and promote your scheme whilst sticking to a tight budget. What if you could set up a Google Ads (AdWords) account where you receive up to $10,000 in Google Ad spend for free, allowing yourself to shout about your cause, reach your audience and get those donations that really make a difference to what you value most. 

Alix sat down with the charities and non-profit organisations who attended our event and went through the process individually. We understand that some people aren’t tech-savvy, ensuring that all of the charities in attendance could get set up and running on the day was as important to us as telling them about the grant itself. 

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So why did Alix Digital get involved in this Google Ads Grant?

96% of European charities say that they are not utilising digital marketing to its full potential. This raised alarm bells for us at Alix Digital so we took the time to show charities how to apply for the Google Grant. We knew that even if charities are aware of this grant, those who aren’t experienced with running Google Ads won’t know how to use the $10,000! This is why we spent time showing charities how to use the grant effectively and to get the most out of your Google Ads account. 

We hope that providing important marketing tips to charities and non-profit organisations, we can support them to become more aware of this grant, with the aim of getting more tech-savvy. 91% of charities are now using social media to help reach their goals, but using social media effectively isn’t as straight-forward as it may seem. Alix Digital aim to help guide charities with their social media strategies and budgeting, to get the best out of their marketing budget and reach their audience cost-effectively. 

Who We Helped From Our Event

Our marketing assistant, Gemma, spent weeks getting in touch with local charities and non-profit organisations to help spread awareness of our event so more charities can benefit from the $10,000 Google Ads Grant. 

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Thanks to Gemma’s planning and efforts, 5 brilliant charities attended our event, along with Councillor Tegwen Devichand and Councillor Jason Peter Hart, who are valued members of Llanelli Rural Council.

The first charity who arrived was Menter Iaith Castell-Nedd Port Talbot who focuses on working with children, families, young people and the wider community to encourage the use of Welsh. Menter Iaith focuses on providing Welsh language classes to people and with the free Google Ads Grant, Menter Iaith can reach a wider audience and help more people learn Welsh through a supportive network.

Google Ads Charity Grant

Only 40% of charities were using paid search engine optimisation marketing in 2018 and only 17% said it added value to their mission. This highlights how even if you apply for the Google Ads grant, without the guidance and support of digital marketing experts the $10,000 could be wasted in achieving your objectives. Thus Alix Digital providing tutorials and one-on-one help on how to fully use the $10,000 and not waste the opportunity Google has given. 

We created this event so more people can be aware of the opportunity given by Google, Cloud Genius attended our event so they can use our knowledge to give to their charity clients, showing how impactful this event was in reaching a wider audience and letting people know about this Google Ads Grant. 

Google Non Profit Charity Grant

Each charity that attended was able to network with other charities and promote their cause, Wales Air Ambulance was one among those. The charity needs to raise £6.5million every year in order to keep flying, by being taught how to utilise the Google Grant, Wales Air Ambulance are able to reach that goal quicker and potentially save more lives. 

City Counselling Services provides counselling in Swansea to help support well-being and mental health, providing a safe place to share issues. Their professional and experienced therapists are there to help anyone around Swansea, Neath, Llanelli and Port Talbot through training courses and workshops, such as their ‘Self Hypnosis for Confidence’ workshop. 

The final charity who attended our event was the Amazing Grace Spaces. This important support network, for homeless and those in need, focuses its efforts in providing a safe place for vulnerable people to recover. Residents receive accommodation on license, bedding and a key worker providing that extra support needed. Google Ads Grant can help provide Amazing Grace Spaces with the funding required to meet their aim to ‘provide 10 sustainable low-cost move on accommodation unites for people in crisis by 2020’ which is providing an environmentally-friendly solution to housing, whilst helping support those in need to get their lives back on track. 

What Alix Digital Covered

Alix Digital’s aim from this charity event firstly raised awareness of the Google Ads grant and secondly offered the charities guidance on the process. This included:

  • How to apply for a Google Ads Grant
  • How to run campaigns on Google Ads
  • How to make the most out of the budget
  • How to make sure your ads stay compliant

We are the experts in digital marketing, it is of great importance for us that everyone gets the most out of the marketing opportunities that digital marketing and Google Ads provides to charities and non-profit organisations. Using our expertise and knowledge, we aim to further this support to charities by keeping in touch with those who attended and providing further information to any questions they have in the future. 

The team at Alix Digital aim to ensure charities and non-profit organisations get the most out of the Google Ads grant, whilst providing further support down the line. 

If you are a charity or non-profit organisation and couldn’t attend our event, please feel free to message us with any questions and we would be happy to help guide you. 

Thank You

Alix Digital gives our gratitude to Stradey Park Hotel for hosting our charity event and would like to thank all the charities who attended. Together we will get the most out of your marketing budgets, access the free $10,000 per month Google Ads Grant and promote your good cause.