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Over 4 million blog posts are published on the Internet every day… We can help your content stand out.


Generating traffic to your site and brand awareness is only half the battle. What you present to your potential customers is equally as important. With the modern day internet user getting more impatient every year, you need valuable, insightful content to capture their attention.

SEO-Friendly copywriting services to help you stand out online.

Let the Alix Digital team take away the strain of creating excellent content. We can help with; blog posts, product descriptions, site content, PR & Outreach and eBooks. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Engaging content for your site

Content is so important to your business’s online presence these days. The content on your website
informs the search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo for example) about what your business does
and helps to give your page authority.

Your customers need engaging content that tells them what they need to know about your products
and services whilst ensuring that your content is not negatively ranked or demoted by search

writing engaging content for your site
seo content writing services

Your content matters

Writing loosely-related content, lack of content and missing relevant keywords can harm your
authority in the eyes of the search engines – what this means is that your website or blog will
struggle to compete with other businesses in your sector and will rank lower (and thus appear
further down the page or not even on the first page of search results) as a result.

Gone are the days when you could find the relevant keywords and load them onto a page willy-nilly.
Search engines are smarter now and they tend to read the page as closely to the way a human
would as possible. That’s pretty clever Artificial Intelligence at work!

This is bad news for lazy content writers, but great news for those who write engaging content. Let’s
face it, if you write for people (who are your customers after all) and not for machines then you’re writing for the correct audience AND getting a great website authority from the search engines to

Taking the hard work out of content writing

At Alix Digital we create content that uses the relevant keywords AND is engaging for your readers
and customers alike!

We can help with SEO content writing (Search Engine Optimisation), Digital Content writing and
webpage content writing.

We can also transform your existing copy and check for relevance with our SEO, Digital and
Webpage content copyrighting services.

Incorporating EAT into content

So how does Alix Digital ensure your content is just what the search engines want to see?

We base it on the three pillars of E-A-T. Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness.

Correct information is the most important thing Google for example, are looking for. They have
made huge efforts to ensure that the websites they rank are useful and correct.

When EAT was created they hit the medical sector the hardest – or at least those not quite being
honest in the medical sector. There were so many medical related websites punished in the rankings
for the EAT update in 2018 that the update is often referred to as the ‘Medics’ update in SEO circles.

It wasn’t just the medical sector that got hit, many unreliable or questionable websites were
punished too. Google wants its search engine to be a reliable vessel for quality information. Public
health was the trigger, but many other areas of life were impacted online too.


Google wanted to promote sensible websites using good quality, correct information and demote
sites pushing baseless, evidence-less and potentially harmful information. Google wanted to see
science, not opinion. Trustworthiness over low quality content.

So in SEO circles EAT is a very good thing for honest businesses!

Alix Digital will help you make the most of your content to ensure the search engines are happy with
the veracity of your SEO, Digital or Webpage content writing and can assist with the copywriting of
this content. 


We will use the right keywords and ensure that your expertise, authority and trustworthiness shine through!

If you want effective, engaging content that follows the vital pillars of EAT then look no further. Visit
the contact page and ask our friendly team for more info.


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