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As an accountancy firm or accountancy software, marketing your services have never been more important to highlight your benefits and drive more qualified leads to your website. We have a variety of Digital Marketing services to maximise your visibility online and to harness your image to potential clients.

PPC For Accountants 

At Alix Digital we offer PPC (pay-per-click) services. PPC is incredibly powerful when used well and helps to drive traffic to your website which turns into new business leads. 

Only once your ads are clicked on will you be charged and this results in interested individuals clicking through. This is a more direct and concise approach to marketing resulting in more targeted results.

When it comes to (pay-per-click) PPC in the accounting industry, we have learnt that it can quickly become expensive. So having experts with industry knowledge can help you get quality leads without the higher price tag. 

SEO For Accountants

Accounting can be a competitive industry so making sure your website is optimised for search engine ranking can improve your visibility online. With our SEO experts you can improve your rankings for authority, reduce bounce rates and increase traffic to your site.

Search Engine Optimization helps your website rise up google rankings and improve your visibility. So SEO is very useful for improving your website’s position online.  As a service provider, making sure your website has high usability and highlights your benefits to visitors makes it easier to get new clients.

Search Engines use algorithms to rank websites, these algorithms work to various rules and depending on how well your website follows these rules, will determine how high your website ranks. These Search Engine algorithms can be altered frequently so having SEO experts are crucial for improving your scores.

Web Development For Accountants 

With Busy workloads,  comes the need for a website that can run easily in the background selling your services with little assistance needed, so with a great website it gives you the ability to focus on the important agendas in the business.

Web Design Accountancy

At Alix Digital we have experienced web developers which can improve or create a website with SEO in mind, making your website the ultimate tool for enticing clients online. 

Alix Digital Websites are put through extensive testing to check their functionality and durability. Each Alix Digital website is built as “mobile-first” meaning the design will be usable across multiple devices, allowing customers to use desktop, mobile or tablet to access your site, resulting in a great user experience for your clients. 

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Content Writing For Accountants

With online presence becoming more important than ever, the quality of your content needs to be as good or better than the content of your competitors’ sites to bring in new clients. Content on a website also instructs search engines what services you provide, so creating clear and concise content is key for ranking for the applicable services whilst also helping domain authority. 

At Alix Digital we offer a variety of content services which includes: 

  • Website Content,
  • Blog Posts,
  • Product Descriptions,
  • PR & Outreach.

We understand that asking a new client to trusting an accountant to compile and file taxes correctly is a big deal and the content needs to be convey trustworthiness and transparency. Another critical part for your content is getting the correct tone of voice and highlighting the experience your accountancy firm has. This helps to create meaningful relationships with clients for the long term.

With the use of our expert team we can portray your tone of voice and brand image in all communications to a high degree resulting in a consistent and concise image throughout your content. 

Website Content On Computer

How We Help Accountants With Digital Marketing

Here at Alix Digital, we have been lucky to work with clients in the fintech industry and finance industry – particularly with accountants. That’s why we are proud to offer a plethora of services for accountancy companies.

Anyone working in anything remotely financial will know; compliance is important. That’s why we have been exceptionally careful with marketing for accountancy. 

Writing must be transparent, avoid bold claims and of course the on-page small print is an SEO obstacle. We also have to be extra careful of how we write metadata and the various other elements (such as offsite SEO and onsite content) that helps to drive relevant traffic to your site. 

So with our expert team, we can make sure your website utilises the experience we have gathered over the years to create Digital Marketing materials that talks to your audience exceptionally well. 

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