With its instant results, clever insights and engaging features, it’s no surprise Google AdWords is so irresistible to businesses looking to grow their company. But what about Bing?

Google may have monumentally changed online marketing back in 2000, but there are many reasons why you should consider running Bing Ads as part of your online marketing strategy.

Less competition & cheaper click costs

Naturally this will vary between industries and the keywords you go after. But as a general rule, Bing CPCs are cheaper due to the fact there is simply less people advertising on the platform. On average, Bing CPCs are approximately a third cheaper than AdWords.

Bing’s share of the search engine marketing is increasing

According to SEO Chat, Bing has reached a record 21% of the search engine market share. Google still holds on to a massive 64% but the increase in Bing searches is one to watch. Bing’s increasing success is largely down to the introduction of Windows 10 which comes sporting Bing as its default search engine.

Controlled search partner targeting

A common frustration I have heard from fellow PPC experts has been the search partners targeting in AdWords. When setting up a campaign, you are greeted with the option of targeting search only or search and search partners. There is no option to target just search partners. Nor is there an option to see where your ads have appeared upon opting search and search partners. However, Bing gives you the flexibility to target ‘Bing & Yahoo! search’, ‘Bing & Yahoo’ & ‘syndicated partners’ or ‘syndicated partners’ only. It also allows you to see what partners showed your ads and the results from each. A quick URL report will tell you this information in an instant.

This is not to say you should ditch AdWords and gleefully run off with Bing. AdWords is still an incredibly powerful tool. However, it wouldn’t hurt to trial how your campaigns work on Bing.

What are your thoughts on Bing? Do you have further questions? Get in touch here.