How Is Tech Disrupting The Digital Marketing Industry?

Guest post by Career Karma

The digital marketing industry evolved from traditional marketing in an effort to reach the consumer on the platforms they were spending their time. With the boom of the Internet, emails, and later on, social media platforms, people weren’t spending as much time watching TV or listening to the radio. 

But with every new technology, new strategies come to the table. Search engine optimisation is a clear example of this. Here are a few more technologies that are changing the industry. 

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the interconnection between all the devices we use through the Internet. It has been increasing with the introduction of more smart technology like appliances and wearables. There are 7 billion IoT devices in use. The implications for the marketing industry lie mainly in having more information about each consumer. Digital marketers will need to adapt their strategies to reach the clients anywhere they are in the online world. 

One of the main areas where we will see changes is in SEO practices. Things like autonomous vehicles, smart homes, and buildings will make the current SEO strategies inadequate. For example, a campaign that includes SERP strategies will be ineffective on IoT devices that don’t even have a screen.

SEO experts will also need to concentrate on personalization. They will have more access to data, and not only online like it is today. They will need to learn how to analyze the user intent with new information added to the mix. And nowadays, most SEO strategies are centered around Google, but that may change with the increased use of IoT devices. 


Blockchain is the technology that gave life to all the cryptocurrencies known to date. It is a ledger that has three main characteristics: transparency, immutability, and decentralisation. It is decentralised because it is stored in many locations at the same time. It is transparent because all of the users can see the ledgers. It is immutable because users can’t change it without the consent of the whole network. 

Blockchain has many applications, but software engineers have created many decentralised platforms that are very secure and accessible to all. In digital marketing, it will increase the trust of indicators like click-through rates and eliminate bot-driven traffic. 

bitcoin and seo

The increase of transparency in the ad supply chain will make users trust them more, which will make them more likely to click on an ad. Blockchain will also have an impact on search marketing by changing payment methods with smart contracts. Overall, it will help create new advertising ecosystems based on blockchain technology. 

Voice Search

Another important tech development in the last few years is voice search. This was possible thanks to advancements in natural language processing, a type of artificial intelligence, and the introduction of artificial personal assistants like Siri or Alexa. It changes the way people do searches online, and digital marketers have to adapt to this new reality. 

According to Google, 72 percent of people that own a voice-activated device use it as a part of their daily routine. The way people do queries changes when using personal assistants. It becomes more conversational than when doing a written search. 

“72 percent of people that own a voice-activated device use it as a part of their daily routine”


For example, SEO keywords optimization will need to be different. Instead of focusing on words, SEO experts will need to optimize focusing on phrases or questions. Users will also expect more conversational tones when choosing an answer, so creating content in a more informal tone may be essential. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning is also a type of artificial intelligence that has become essential in many operations nowadays, especially when it comes to using consumer data to increase personalization. Machine learning is a set of algorithms that teach a computer how to learn on its own. 

One of the main benefits is that computers can process data much faster than humans and get insights that would take us years to figure out. You can learn more about machine learning by reading Career Karma’s blog posts on the subject. Machine learning is also the technology behind many changes in Google’s search engine optimization practices. They use algorithms that can recognize things like link quality and link building activities.

In Summary

Technology developments have a direct impact on the digital marketing industry. This industry was born because of the inventions of new technologies like the Internet. Each new advancement has a direct impact on how to advertise products. The Internet of Things, voice search, blockchain, and machine learning are only a few of them. If you are afraid all these technologies will put you out of business, you can boost your digital marketing skills with a coding bootcamp online.