It’s easy to get lost in the world of business and miss the golden opportunities to promote and speak to your audience online. Smaller businesses especially tend to turn to social media to promote their products & services and speak to their audience. This is a great start, although without the knowledge of how marketing as a whole works, joining together your website and social media and the inclusion of paid marketing can be missed. This can leave gaping holes in your brand consistency and the message you are trying to get across as well as limiting your reach and ultimately sales. Without an understanding of each individual element of Digital Marketing and how they work together, your customer’s may very well drop off from your conversion funnel and go elsewhere.

In case you’re not already convinced, below are some of the benefits of using Digital Marketing, and therefore why you should learn it! 

But what if you work with a marketing agency? Well keep scrolling to see why you too could benefit from understanding the basics of Digital Marketing. 

It Makes You Viable – Have You Heard Of SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is a must when it comes to Digital Marketing and a technique that takes a little deeper understanding in order to implement. 

Fun Fact: 93% of online experiences start with a search engine and 91% of internet users rely on search engines to give them what they are looking for online. 

SEO helps customers to find your website by ranking you more highly in search results, ideally above your competitor. Organic traffic (visitors that land on your website without the use of paid advertising) is a critical component of website performance and an essential part of the sales funnel, leading to engagement or conversion. 

SEO lets you leverage the power of organic visibility to increase brand awareness, traffic and high-quality leads to your site. There are hundreds of factors that contribute to your search engine ranking and SEO is all about understanding these and using them to boost your visibility online.

Fun Fact: Did You Know that only 25% of internet users scroll past the first page of search results? – Meaning a large number of your customer base may not even know you’re there! 

You Can Get More For Your Money 

Digital Marketing can be very affordable and often generates high ROIs (Return On Investment). You can also measure your ROI at each stage of the sales funnel. 

Digital Marketing can provide opportunities for you to build and connect with your audience at a low cost. Social Media for example is far cheaper that traditional TV ads and can generate high engagement when used effectively. 

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is also a very affordable way to drive traffic as campaigns can be easily controlled with a target budget in mind and by targeting the right audience you may not need to spend too much in order to get conversions. 

Digital Marketing can also level the playing field between large and small companies. Although companies with larger budgets can invest highly in their Digital Marketing campaigns, it’s not all about money when it comes to ranking highly online. Google Ads for example, evaluates ad relevance and quality before determining its rank. If you can create high quality content that answers searchers questions, you can achieve a top spot on relevant search results.

Its Measurable & Adjustable

With offline marketing, it is difficult to know what truly works and what doesn’t. With Digital Marketing, you can track campaigns in real time to see what is generating results. You can also make tweaks to your campaigns to drive better traffic as you go. 

Google Analytics, social networks and platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads make this kind of tracking possible. You can also use this data to see what is generating the highest ROI and use that information when deciding where to place your budget next. 

For example a business getting an impressive return on investment through PPC might want to consider placing more budget in this area as they can see that it is driving more leads and/or sales to the business.

It’s Where Your Customers Are

Fun Fact: The average person spends 6hrs and 42 minutes online every day. – Why not use this to your advantage and show up where your audience is already spending a large portion of their day, everyday. 

Digital Marketing also allows you to target the right audience. Online tools that keep track of individual online activities and demographic information can be used to offer users specific products or services that they may be interested in. 

Targeting the right audience it’s more likely to generate high-quality leads and sales as we already know they would be interested in the product or service advertised. Those who click on one of your ads can then be targeted with related ads to encourage customer commitment and give you a sale. It’s also possible to target your audience at the various stages of the buying journey to nurture your lead into a sale.  

Digital Marketing also makes it a lot easier to stay in touch with your customers with personalized email marketing and social media engagement. You can also use social media to engage potential customers and build trust.

It Makes You More Credible & Trustworthy 

Digitally active brands usually have more credibility. This is because online content can answer customers questions, address customer doubts and clarify important information about its product or service. 

High quality content is also more likely to be shared, commented on and attract the attention of industry experts and potential customers. Useful and interesting content also gains the trust of its customers. This kind of credibility and trust can be built through social media or blogging for example.

 Fun Fact: Companies that blog generate 67% more leads.

Appearing frequently online also builds brand awareness and all important online presence. Every time your audience sees you online their trust in you increases. This turns awareness into interest pushing your potential customers further down the sales funnel. Online advertising also increases the loyalty of existing customers. 

Valuable Insights

Digital Marketing data can provide a lot of information that can help to support other aspects of the business. For example, Google Analytics provides insights such as time spent on page, cart abandonment rate and bounce rate. Knowing this information can help to improve the customer journey on the website and identify where changes should be made to improve it. 

PPC and SEO tools also provide a lot of competitor insight. Knowing your competitors and what they are doing right or wrong can help you make improvements to your business and help you stand out from the crowd.

What If You Work With A Marketing Agency? 

Even if you work with a marketing agency it is useful to have a basic understanding of Digital Marketing and how it works. Below are some of the benefits of understanding Digital Marketing even if you work with an agency (like us!).

Improves Communication

Understanding the basics of Digital Marketing allows you to understand the possibilities and limitations of what can be done to market your business online. Knowing this means you can effectively communicate the outcomes you would like to see for your business from the start. This can only really come from you as the client. 

Knowing exactly what you want can help when working out how to drive the right traffic to the right areas of your business. This can make your marketing campaign really helpful to the overarching marketing goals of your business.

It also means you can cut to the chase with using jargon such as PPC and SEO because you know what it means and how it can work for you. 

Allows You To Measure Progress

Having a basic understanding of Digital Marketing can help in understanding what success looks like for you. It is important to be able to understand the outcomes of the work carried out, so you know exactly what you are paying for. 

Understanding jargon such as Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Action (CPA) and Click Through Rate (CTR) allows you to have a deeper understanding of the work that’s being carried out on your behalf and the results that are being generated. 

As an agency we want our clients to be able to look at their monthly reports and understand the work that has been successful and be able to discuss anything they would like to see change. Of course we are on hand to explain everything in detail, however it can save you time if you already know what you are looking at.  

To Sum Up…

If you are operating in the world of business then understanding what Digital Marketing is and how it works is a must. If you take care of marketing your business yourself, it’s vital that you understand what Digital Marketing can do for your business. If you solicit the help of a Digital Marketing agency like us, it’s beneficial to have a basic understanding of Digital Marketing in order to communicate your ideas and understand your results. 

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